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Since 1900 the US dollar has fallen in price by 98% and the Gold has increased in value by almost 54%.
Gold is the most stable and reliable asset, especially in times of crisis and recession.
In 2015 the first gold-backed crypt coins (stablecoins) will appear, making it possible for everyone to accumulate Digital Gold, from very small amounts.

We invite you to watch the following video, so you can understand exactly what Digital Gold is.

Video1.- What is Digital Gold?



Working in 128 countries


10 years in the Gold Market


Happy Customers

Ten years of success


Goldbex operate since 2010 and currently has thousands of customers and franchisees in 128 countries around the world.
Our successful gold accumulation plans allow our clients to buy Digital Gold with important discounts just for recommending our plans to other people.
This marketing technique is used by millions of companies around the world, who reward their customers with discounts for recommending their products or services.

"Get up to 75% discount for recommending our Digital Gold accumulation plans."

Video 2.- Accumulating Gold with Goldbex


Robert Kiyosaki

Financial Guru and Investor

Accumulating Gold and Silver is vital in times of crisis and recession. Gold is your life insurance and is as important as your home or car insurance. I don't trust counterfeit money, that's why I own gold and silver, to protect me from inflation.

Jim Rickards

Lawyer and Economist

During the last century, monetary systems changed approximately every 30 to 40 years. Today, the existing monetary system is almost 50 years old, so the world is behind schedule for change. Gold should again play a major role.

Antonio Lara

Life & Financial Coach

Accumulating gold is a smart people's decision. The Covid-19 crisis has put the world economy and FIAT money in check. Since Nixon abolished the Gold standard in 1971, paper money has lost all its value. Only Gold can save us from an uncertain future.


Capitalization system

At Goldbex we have created a Cyclic Capitalization System in Digital Gold (CSS), which allows you to start in our Gold accumulation plans, from as little as 50€ nd progressively climb to higher plans with your own earnings.
The operation is very similar to the formula of the Compound Interest, which is used in the financial world, and our main objective is that you can generate monthly income, valued in thousands of euros in Digital Gold.

Without a doubt, this is the best program to get started at Goldbex and the best way to start accumulating Gold.

"Start building your wealth in Gold with Goldbex´s cyclical capitalization system"

Our success plans

Goldbex commercializes different accumulation plans and Goldbex Franchising.
We recommend you to start through our Cyclic Capitalization System, to accumulate Digital Gold.

Original Plans - CCS


50 €

9 Types of Plans
  • From 50€ to 5000€
  • 75% of discount
  • 6 recommendations
  • Maximum duration 18 months
  • Gold repurchase option


Goldbex Franchising



Passive income and Financial Education
  • Access to Residual Income
  • Get Financial Education
  • Marketing tools
  • Contract duration / monthly
  • Access to Leaders Plan


Starter Packs



3 Tipos de Packs
  • From 90€ to 390€
  • Accumulation Plans + Franchising
  • GBP50 + Franchising
  • GBP50 + GBP100 + Franchising
  • GBP50 + GBP100 + GBP200 + Franchising


Financial Education

Goldbex Franchising

It is not enough just accumulate Gold, to protect ourselves from the great financial changes that are happening all over the world, due in great part to the crisis and recession caused by the COVID-19.
Adquiring Financial Education s part of our universal philosophy on the study of money and at Goldbex we offer you the opportunity to join our successful system of financial formation and generation of Passive Incomes thanks to the Goldbex Franchising.

We invite you to watch the following video and understand why it is so interesting to join the thousands of franchisees that Goldbex has around the world.

"Learn Financial Education and generate Passive Income with Goldbex Franchising."

Video 3.- Passive Income with Goldbex Franchising


Antonio Guimaraes


In the practice of my constant and continuous growth, Goldbex appears in my life in 2019. I decided to put the appropriate energy into making every family know, understand, and decide to adopt this Goldbex vehicle as an integral part of every family's education.

Irene Ramírez


When I met Goldbex I quickly knew it was the business I had always been looking for. It's not only accumulating gold and having a system that generates passive income, but we learn all about handling money and changing lives of thousands of people.

Domingo Mata


With Goldbex, I discovered an intelligent, state-of-the-art system that has broken all existing schemes to generate real wealth for life with the best asset and refuge in times of crisis par excellence: gold! I assure you that there is nothing like it.

Goldbex Official Videos

Here you will find the official videos of the company.
We recommend you that you watch our videos in order to understand how our system works
and how thousands of people in the world are accumulating gold while they are learning financial education at the same time.
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