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Direct Plans

Get a 150% of profitability in your gold investments

From only 100€ you can start in the gold sector.

Thanks to our gold accumulation plans, you can buy gold of with an important discount just only recommending them to other people our plans.

You have different investment plans from 100€ to 5.000€, so you can choose the plan that better adapted to your needs.

Access for more information about our plans or click directly on the button Contract.

Cyclical Capitalization System - CCS

Start creating your heritage in Digital Gold

From as little as €50 you can get started in the world of investment gold.

Thanks to this type of gold accumulation plan, you will get a 75% discount on your Digital Gold purchases, just for recommending a total of 6 people to the same plan.

In addiction the Goldbex's Cyclic Capitalization System allows you to reinvest your earnings to move up from one plan to another in an automated manner and always keep the previous plan open.

This will allow you in a short time to have a residual income generation system in Digital Gold.

Dual System Pack

The best way to start in Goldbex

Direct Plan 100 + Goldbex Basic Plan 50

With this pack you will be able to get started easily and quickly on the company's most successful products. Thanks to the Dual System Pack , you'll start accumulating Digital Gold or Bitcoins very fast with the demonstrated speed of Direct Plans and, at the same time, with the powerful the Cyclic Capitalisation System (CCS) in Digital Gold and Bitcoins of the Original Plans.

Without a doubt, we recommend that you start with this option to begin with the best of the strategies to accumulate and create a patrimony in Digital Gold.